The Hogmanay Snow Ball is a cherished Edinburgh night, hear how we help the team deliver it.

'The Assembly Rooms Edinburgh team are all over things with us to ensure the event is run to perfection!'

The Capital’s biggest and best-loved indoor Hogmanay event, hosting two live ceilidh bands: one traditional, one contemporary, and a glitzy disco later in the night for 900 guests. 

Can you tell us more about the Hogmanay Snow Ball event?

The Ball is a cherished Edinburgh night, and an occasion for glamour and kilts! A gorgeous and breathtaking night to end the old year and bring in the new in the capital’s finest civic venue. Live ceilidh bands play in each magnificent room: one traditional, one contemporary. The Ballroom becomes a glitzy disco later in the night, while the Music Hall stays trad all night! Guests can pop out to see the fireworks at midnight, then re-join the dancing and if that’s not enough, enjoy the After Party!

How many years have you hosted the Hogmanay event at Assembly Rooms Edinburgh and what’s the attraction that keeps bringing you back?

We are coming into our seventh year now at the Assembly Rooms Edinburgh – the stunning venue, location and the 'want' for the event, both by locals and visitors, brings us back year on year.

Does the venue lend itself well to hosting both a contemporary disco and a traditional ceilidh simultaneously?

Yes indeed – with two separate rooms, we run two ceilidhs simultaneously - and one turns in to a disco for the last 45 mins or so, so guests can flit between the two!

Were there any obstacles which the Assembly Rooms Edinburgh helped you to overcome?
It took a couple of years to find our feet and work the best way to run the event to maximise the numbers we could accommodate comfortably for our guests and the team themselves. We have it nailed now and the Assembly Rooms Edinburgh team are all over things with us to ensure the event is run to perfection!

Overall, how would you describe your experience at Assembly Rooms Edinburgh?
The experience at the Assembly Rooms Edinburgh is quite frankly magnificent. Walking into such a stunning venue and working with a team who are absolutely 'on it' is something special. We just love to go back year on year.