Can you tell us more about the recent ISBA10 conference at the Assembly Rooms?
The International Short Break Association (ISBA) was established in 1995 and is a world-wide ‘community’ concerned with the effective delivery of short breaks (respite care) services.

The conference takes place every two years in different parts of the world. Most recently ISBA has been held in Germany, Toronto, Ireland and Denmark. In 2016, 300 delegates from 17 different countries came together at #ISBA10 in Edinburgh. 

What were the aims of this event?
To promote the exchange of knowledge and experience to help support the development of short breaks that benefit individuals and families with caring responsibilities.

Why did you choose Edinburgh as the host city for this event?
Shared Care Scotland was invited by the ISBA committee to host the event in 2016. After considering various locations we decided that Edinburgh was ideally placed in terms of travel connections, accommodation and its attractive setting.

What made the Assembly Rooms stand out as the place to hold your conference?
The size and central location of the venue, the support available from the Assembly Rooms team, the flexibility of the space and the overall quality.

Is this one of the larger conference you’ve hosted? How did Assembly Rooms assist with the planning and delivery on the day?
The #ISBA10 conference was by far the largest event we have been responsible for. The Assembly Rooms team was excellent throughout the planning and delivery of the conference and gave us every confidence. Enquiries were dealt with promptly, they helped us source our catering and AV support, they were always accommodating when we needed to visit and recce the venue. Their support during the event was also exceptional.

'The Assembly Rooms team was excellent throughout the planning and delivery of the conference and gave us every confidence'