"We believe that Bitcoin has the potential to create a fundamental paradigm shift for the better, but for this to happen, it needs people’s energy. More people need to understand what Bitcoin is and what makes it so significant. Over the next five years we plan to deliver inspirational Bitcoin Conferences throughout the UK. Scotland, was the birthplace of Adam Smith, who's 1776 publication 'Wealth of Nations' laid the foundation for modern day economic and free market theory. It's fitting we launch the UK's Bitcoin revolution from Scotland's Capital City - Edinburgh and that this will be the birth place of the Bitcoin Collective

The Conference will attract 750 guests from the global Bitcoin community, industry professionals and people keen to learn more about Bitcoin. We have crafted a wide-ranging and educative programme with keynotes, panel discussions and talks from global Bitcoin champions in the heart of Edinburgh, Scotland. If this sparks your curiosity and you want to find out more, please visit our website."

For further info visit: https://bitcoincollective.co.uk/