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Venue Details | Organise your event | Assembly Rooms

54 George Street Edinburgh EH2 2LR

Tel: 0131 220 4348


Venue Details

Music Hall

Ideal for:

Conferences, seminars, presentations, AGMs, exhibitions, dinners, dances, arena events, fashion shows, launches, trade fairs, ceilidhs, balls, concerts, performances’ and weddings.

The Music Hall is our most dynamic space, offering endless possibilities for any event. The demountable stage is entirely flexible, enabling performances, catwalks, theatre, facilitated team building and comedy shows.

Adaptable seating is available for all styles to suit any requirement: theatre, conference, banquet, cabaret or classroom. Full lighting rigs, sound AV and WIFI throughout is all available.

Capacity Opportunities

Theatre Dinner Dinner Dance Reception
788 430 380 600


Ideal for:

Receptions, dinners, dances, conference, seminars, catering area, launches, trade fairs, ceilidhs, galas, balls, concerts, performances, poster sessions, weddings, exhibitions.

The Ballroom provides a stunning blank canvas on which you can really let your imagination run free. The room makes a magnificent, light-filled statement from four magnificent chandeliers and a row of grand Georgian windows overlooking Edinburgh’s George Street. Staging is available either via the central stage, which is set into the natural curve of the building, or via modular staging that can be used in a number of creative ways.

Add in additional PA and projection, individual climate control, ISDN2 lines, WIFI throughout and an impressive built-in sound system and we think that we have it all covered.The glory and splendour of this iconic room is never compromised.

Capacity Opportunities

Theatre Dinner Dinner Dance Reception
400 320 260 400

Additional Spaces

In addition to the stunning Ballroom and Music Hall, Assembly Rooms Edinburgh has a suite of smaller rooms to complement and enhance your event, while providing the ideal space for more intimate events.

Our East and West Drawing Rooms lie adjacent to the Ballroom and offer ideal space for: parallel sessions, bar area, drinks receptions, poster space, cyber suites and a variety of other uses.On either side of the Music Hall are four smaller rooms, offering the possibility to enrich your event with private VIP rooms, dressing rooms, speaker preview, or simply cloakroom/bag storage or a conference office. As you enter the Music Hall, our Under-Balcony space provides an ideal location for smaller breakouts, bar area, registration, cloakroom or an information point.

On the second floor our Oval Room and West Balcony Suite give a further level of rooms to use for small private meetings, lunches, dinners and receptions.

See the below image for our full venue capacity and download the below pdf venue capacity chart as a PDF (53 KB) .

Room Capacity