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There are many instances in which a director or producer has taken a classic play and given it a twist, refreshing it for the stage and a modern audience. The twist could change the period in which the play is set, modernise the language or add music and dance to the performance; some will remain true to the original while others will use it simply as a guide to experiment with.

Some will argue that a classic should remain just that, and we would encourage everyone to go see the classics as they were written, at least once in their life! However, the success of some adaptions, interpretations and modernisations cannot be argued, helping to bring a new audience to classic stories and hopefully introducing them to the original works along the way!

We’ve pulled together six plays which have been reworked with a twist…

We recently spoke with Mihaela who is a self-taught photographer working in the performing arts. This career began in 2009, after she moved to Edinburgh to study History of Art and English Literature, while also taking part in student drama with the Edinburgh University Footlights. Recently, she worked as Festival Photographer at the Edinburgh International Festival 2016.

Read our interview with Mihaela below where we discuss photography techniques advice and stories for capturing theatre on film.


Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2016 is coming to an end and it’s been a fantastic year as always. With such a vast number and variety of performances across the city, we got to thinking about what makes it all possible. Funding, support and knowledge sharing within the theatre industry is vital in allowing Edinburgh to have such an exciting, dynamic arts scene and particularly important in amateur and community theatre. We cannot ignore that funding can at times be difficult to obtain, however advice, support and opportunity will always exist.

For this months ‘Behind the Scenes in Theatre’ feature we got in touch with Niloo Khan who has worked in various theatre roles. From front of house and box office to performing and directing, Niloo has built up a range of skills and knowledge in theatre, we wanted to get to know a little more.

To continue our theme of talking to those behind the scenes of amateur theatre productions, uncovering the fun and challenges they enjoy as part of the whole process, this month we are speaking with Irene Beaver, director with Edinburgh People’s Theatre.